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Kubota l2501 with backhoe for sale. Tractor with a capacity of 24.8 horsepower. The backhoe and loader are fully serviced and ready to go. 6 years or 2000 hours final drive warranty. This option features a mid-sized backhoe from the Kubota campaign that can be quickly removed and re-fitted, saving time when working with other attachments. For more detailed characteristics of the tractor, see the tables below.

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One of Kubota’s latest compact tractor market, L2501, is the company’s latest addition to its long L series. It has a similar style, larger chassis and cleaner emissions than earlier L models. All this is affordable.

Under the hood
Level 4 engine
The engine meets the final requirements of level 4
Powering L2501 is a 24.8 horsepower diesel engine that meets all the final requirements of level 4 without using a diesel particulate filter. This is a 3-cylinder four-stroke water-cooled engine to increase efficiency. The engine is powered by a fuel tank containing up to 10 gallons of diesel fuel, which allows to increase the operating time between refueling.

Transmissions and transmissions
Kubota L2501 has both standard gear transmission and hydrostatic transmission. While the full drive is available with both transmissions, the rear-wheel drive option is only available with a gearbox.

The transfer of the Synchro shuttle provides 4 main gear speeds, as well as the transfer of Hi Lo. This provides a total of 8 different forward speeds, as well as 4 backward speeds. Shift templates are built from direct to reverse, which helps to ensure smooth and quick shifts. In front gears, speed ranges from 0.9 mph to 10.7 mph. In the opposite direction, the lowest speed is 1.2 miles per hour at a maximum speed of 3.9 miles per hour.

On the other hand, hydrostatic transmission is controlled by a pedal with infinite flexibility in the speed category. It can reach speeds of up to 11.5 mph in direct traffic and 10.3 mph in reverse. Speed and direction can be changed very quickly.
Power selection system and hydraulics
Each type of transmission comes with a different form of power selection. The gear transmission is equipped with a drive from a gearbox with a overtaking coupling, which gives out 20.5 horsepower through the HOM. The models driven by HST are equipped with a DC WOM, which gives out 19 horsepower. All models are equipped with a stationary power take-off unit. This allows you to run stationary equipment without a driver in the driver’s seat.

A hydraulic unit with two pumps provides a 3-point category I coupling, the carrying capacity of which is 1918 pounds at the lifting points and 1389 pounds at 24 inches behind the lifting points. This is a position-adjusted lift that has a pressure of 2205 pounds per square inch.
Corps and frame
The inclined whole hood throws itself away from the driver, providing a wide field of view. The hood has a gas rack opening, providing easy access to the engine for maintenance and repair.

The dimensions of the tractor fit right in the middle of the compact range. Two-wheeled versions have a length of 110.6 inches without three-point coupling, while four-wheel drive models have a length of only 106.3 inches. All versions of L2501 have a wheelbase of 63.3 inches. With ROPS, the total height reaches 91.7 inches, while the weight varies a two-wheel drive weighs 2425 pounds, a all-wheel drive drive weighs 2601 pounds, and a four-wheel drive HST weighs 2623 pounds.
Amenities for people and driver protection
Tractor deck showing the position of the levers
Kubota L2501 does not save on the user feeling safe or comfortable. The folding protective structure against tipping protects the driver in case of tipping, but can be folded for a low-gall zone or for storage. A retractable seat belt will not allow the user to jump out of the seat on a rough or hilly area.

Comfort is as important as security. The operator’s spacious platform reduces the likelihood of cramps and fatigue over a long working day, and also makes boarding and disembarking from a tractor a little less tiring. Large sensors allow the user to easily monitor vital indicators throughout the day. A large tool box is located behind the operator’s seat or, in models with an existing excavator, next to the seat above the left wing. All models are also equipped with a convenient cup holder for your coffee mug or cup of water.

Part of the operator’s comfort is ease of use. The integral type steering amplifier provides control on all surfaces and helps provide L2501 with a minimum rotation radius of 7.9 feet for a two-wheeled model and 8.2 feet for four-wheel drive tractors. Meanwhile, wet disc brakes guarantee that L2501 can be stopped if necessary.
Available Accessories
Available attachments for Kubota L2501 include the LA525 front loader and the BH77 excavator. The front loader is able to raise to 1131 pounds when connected to the L3901 with a hydraulic flow of 6.8 gallons per minute, so this number is likely to decrease at a flow of 5.15 g min in L2501. The joystick control is installed at the top of the right loader rack. In addition to these accessories, thanks to the partnership between Kubota and Land Pride, a wide range of tools is available.



Fuel10 gal (37.9 L)
Price25,000 USD


Battery12 Volts
Drive4×4 MFWD 4WD
Transmissiongear, hydrostatic
TiresKubota L2501
LoaderKubota LA525
Backhoe typeKubota BH77
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