Kubota l2501 maintenance schedule

Kubota L2501 service Problems

Here is the kubota l2501 maintenance schedule. I hope you are aware of how important it is to maintain the Kubota l2501 tractor at the intervals described in the manufacturer’s manual. In this regard, we publish here the exact measures for servicing the Kubota l2501 tractor by the hour. From maintenance after the first 50 hours of operation to 1000 hours of tractor operation. Also, the table below shows the measures taken after 1 and 2 years of operation of the equipment. I hope our table will help you in solving problems with the maintenance of your equipment.

 5010015020025030035040045050055060065070075080085090010001st Yr2nd Yr
Engine oil & filter changexxxxxx
Transmission fluid changexxxx
Hyd. Oil filter cleaningxxxx
Front diff./wheel case oil changexxx
Steering gear case oilxxxxx
Battery electrolyte levelxxxxxxxxx
Greasing ALL zerksxxxxxxxxx
Clutch pedal playxxxxxxxxx
Brake pedal playxxxxxxxxx
Toe-in checkxxxxxxxxx
Front axle front-back playxxxx
Clean air cleaner elementxxxxxxxxx
Clean radiator screen and
check coolant level
Fan belt tensionxxxxxx
Fuel filter elementxxx
Valve clearance checkx
Check tire pressurexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Check tire wearxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Check all safety switches for correct operationxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Replace cooling system
Replace air cleanerxxx
Check power steering hosesxx
Check fuel linesxx
Check radiator hosesxx
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