Kubota L2501 HST Transmission vs Hydraulic filter

Kubota L2501 Transmission vs Hydraulic filter Problems

The owners manual states to replace the “transmission oil filter” and “hydraulic oil filter” at 50 hours. My dealer sold me only the transmission oil filter (Part #HHK70-14070). Is there only one to replace at 50 hours or are there two filters on the L2501 HST that need to be replaced?

Yes, the manual states the HST filter should be changed. Which is what they supplied to you. If it was mine, I would do both. For another $40 for going another 300 hrs.

Not real hard to change medium sized filter wrench and a drain pan. Spin off, spin on.

HH3A0-82623 One is located under the footrest on the right side and one under the footrest on the left side. One mounts vertically and one mounts horizontally.

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  1. Danny Cook

    how do you add hydraulic fluid afterwards – you are too brief dip stick

    1. Site administrator автор

      Perhaps you will find the answer to your question in the user manual here https://califstatecouncilape.org/user-manual