Kubota L2501 HST does not drive well

l2501 Kubota2 Problems

I have an L2501 HST with approximately 48 hours of operation. When I drive up to him and press the pedal to the ground, he behaves as if he would stall the tractor. He is out of the blue and only recently began to act like this. When I turn it on, it smells like something hot and it howls very loudly. It’s almost as if you put on the parking brake and try to drive away. I know he will usually whine, but it’s louder than usual. The transmission oil level is good. I called the dealer and he said that the shift lever might be bent and not fully engaged.

When my L2501 behaves that way it’s because I forgot to disengage the parking brake. I guess it’s possible your brakes could stick. Try pumping the brake several times to see if it will release – it’s worth a try. The brake could be improperly adjusted.

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