Kubota L 2501 transmission problems

Kubota L2501 Transmission problems Problems

I have a Kubota L 2501 and have hydraulic transmission problems. When the tractor is moving forward, the pedal is lowered to the stop (as if it were lowered), and when reversing, it deviates strongly – the same, but not so much. When it moves forward and causes a tilt, the force ends. I changed the fluid and turned the filter to see if the suction filter needed to be inserted. All other hydraulic systems are operating normally.

Several problems are known to exist with this transfer. First, make sure the HST pedal pin is not broken and that the pedal is actually locked in both directions and moves the shaft. If ok, check the filter / filter for metal / debris indicating internal or pump loading problems. It is also recommended that boost pressure and transmission pressure be checked against OEM specifications. This confirms a pump or internal problem requiring transmission repair / replacement.
When replacing the filter, I found metal dust in the oil, a small amount, I already checked the connection, everything is fine. Also how to check the boost pressure at the pump.
Metal is never a good sign. This could be a sign of a pump malfunction or some other internal problem. I don’t have instructions on the actual test port location and print specifications for this model, but your local dealer should have no problem printing multiple pages. This is the best way to get this information from the serial number to make sure your tractor is up to specification. let me know
It has a rotary filter and a suction filter on the suction pump.
There is a filter in the gearbox housing.

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