Kubota L 2501 PTO rotates even when not engaged

Kubota L 2501 PTO Problems

What to do if the Kubota L 2501 PTO rotates even when not engaged. For some users, during the operation of the Kubota L 2501 tractor, it happens that the power take-off shaft starts to move, even when it is not turned on. This can happen when the engine speed is less than 1000. However, when the engine speed is over 1500, the PTO stops rotating. And although these revolutions do not have a high frequency, it can be unsafe for others, since sometimes this force is enough to turn the connected attachment.

This can happen for the following reasons:

  • Worn clutch discs
  • Faulty clutch disc, which does not allow to stop the torque in time (the malfunction will be detected by a normal visual inspection)
  • The PTO valve is poorly adjusted, which allows it to turn on partially (To diagnose the valve, it is necessary to apply pressure to it)

If you are not a professional mechanic, then be sure to contact a specialist to fix this problem. If your tractor Kubota L 2501 is under warranty, please contact your dealer.

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