Kubota L 2501 PTO does not rotate after switching on

Kubota L2501 PTO1 Problems

Why in the Kubota L 2501 PTO does not rotate after switching on. You will find that the driveshaft runs from the engine clutch to the gearbox at the rear of the tractor Kubota L 2501. It slows down to PTO speed and contains a shift lever that engages and disengages the PTO. Some models are double speed and others are single speed with neutral.

To test everything for yourself, look at the clutch lever. This connection may bend and will definitely not engage the clutch. Then look at the rear gear lever. Make sure it isn’t ripped or bent. You can see the wave going through the frame in the upper left corner, and if you look back, the wave moves the switch inward. You may need to try detaching the outer rod and squeezing the lever with pliers.

Finally, try manually turning the PTO. When driving in one direction, it should be free and easy to turn. When moving to the other side, it must be connected to the propeller shaft, locked in place and turned much more.

Please note if the Kubota PTO does not turn on: if the PTO indicator is on, you understand that the indicator is a link. The teeth in the rear transmission are not recognized. Even if the PTO clutch and transmission are engaged and the PTO is still not rotating, the problem can be serious. It is inside, and the process of repairing it will be extremely difficult.

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