Kubota L2501

Kubota L2501

Kubota L2501 is a compact, modern, powerful and reliable tractor, it is suitable for work in the fields, gardens, road maintenance, and in general, this tractor is very versatile.

Kubota has released a new line of L-series long-base tractors. This new technique has a larger chassis, a powerful and reliable engine that meets the international Tier 4 Final emission standard. With all these advantages, the price is democratic and reasonable.

Kubota L2501
Kubota L2501


The power unit of the new L2501 is a 24.8 hp liquid-cooled diesel three-cylinder engine that meets international emission standards. The capacity of the fuel tank is 37.8 liters, which allows you to carry out work for a long time without refueling.


Kubota L2501 3
Kubota L2501

The transmission can be produced in two versions: a standard manual transmission or a hydrostatic unit. Four-wheel drive works in conjunction with both mechanical and hydrostatic transmissions. Rear-wheel drive can only be supplied with a manual transmission.
The gearbox has 4 main gears, as well as a complex with low and high gears. In total, the tractor has 8 forward gears and 4 reverse gears. Thanks to the modern gearbox, shifting is quick and smooth, without delays. Thus, the forward speed is from 1.4 km / h to 17.2 km / h, and the reverse speed is from 1.9 km / h to 6.3 km / h, which allows performing work of any complexity.

On the other hand, the hydrostatic transmission is more convenient and allows the tractor speed to be controlled with just one accelerator pedal. In this case, the forward speed reaches 18.5 km / h, and the reverse speed is 16.5 km / h, which allows you to travel longer distances faster.

Hydraulics and PTO

The hydraulic system of the Kubota L2501 tractor is modern and reliable. This allows you to comfortably carry out loading operations. The carrying capacity of the tractor is at a height and is practically in no way inferior to more modern models.


Kubota L2501 4
Kubota L2501

The hood of the Kubota L2501 tractor provides maximum visibility to the operator. For easy access to the engine, its maintenance and repair, the hood is equipped with a special stand. The tractor is small in size, which allows it to be operated in small spaces such as a warehouse. The maximum length reaches 2810 mm and the wheelbase is 1610 mm.

Operator safety and comfort are also very high. The fold-down Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) can be removed if the tractor is used in a confined space. Also Kubota L2501 is equipped with a seat belt. Spacious operator station reduces fatigue and facilitates access to the work area. Integral power steering and disc brakes make tractor steering easier and more precise.

Optional equipment

Kubota L2501 1
Kubota L2501

Additional equipment available when buying a tractor is a front loader and an excavator. The front bucket is controlled by a joystick.
Kubota L2501 compact tractor designed with LA525 front loader. This tractor has a specially designed curved boom to help you tackle any task. The BH77 excavator is specially designed for the Kubota L2501 tractor, as well as to provide more power and lifting capacity. It is equipped with a special and quick system for attaching and detaching the excavator. Thus, it is possible to quickly change tasks for this tractor with minimal effort.

Also, thanks to the cooperation of the Kubota Corporation and Land Pride companies, the range of available additional equipment has been significantly expanded, which makes it possible to further expand the range of work.


Kubota L2501 5
Kubota L2501

The machine is strong, the power and engine capacity is enough to pull even a two-row planter. The original hinge is difficult to get, so I use a Chinese one.

This model is characterized by compact size, light weight and good lifting capacity. It is designed for economical fuel consumption, equipped with all-wheel drive and hydrostatic transmission, which allows it to be used for heavy work almost all year round and even in winter, thanks to the presence of a heated cab.

We used to have a walk-behind tractor, but now we have a tractor. This tractor, although small, is strong and stable enough (there is a rear axle lock). It is powered by a 3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine that runs with virtually no noise. A comfortable seat with convenient placement of controls is provided for the driver. The steering wheel has a hydraulic booster, which makes it easy and smooth to control.

All types of products, including tractors, manufactured in the Kubota campaign are associated with the highest quality, which, in turn, is the result of high-tech developments and a responsible approach to production. It is the durability of the units and the strength of the materials that ensure the environmental friendliness of the equipment, its excellent traction performance and impeccable performance.

While tractors are renowned for their durability and long life, they need proper maintenance and regular repairs. Timely replacement of engine and transmission oil, as well as worn out parts and assemblies, will ensure the good condition of the agricultural unit and increase the period of its further operation.

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